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Easy Dog Collar Cover


Easy to make collar cover.  Seriously, this only took about 15 minutes to make!  Boomer’s collar is still totally usable, but worn out & ugly looking.  It just takes some scrap fabric & a couple of measurements.  You can make them for all the holidays! Cute dog, ugly collar! 1.  Measure collar.  Boomer’s is 19″ x 1″. ...

Fabric Coasters


I made a set of coasters last year around Halloween.  I never got around to making any more, so we've been using that same black bat covered set for a year and a half.  I'm pretty sure I had them out for company at Thanksgiving.  This weekend (when I was trying to keep busy and ...

30 Minute Shrug Tutorial


Seriously, this shrug really only takes 30 minutes.  It's made out of fleece (endless cute options) so don't have to finish seams.  This tutorial is for a girl's size medium, with 3/4 length sleeves.   It would be simple to adjust to other sizes.  I found some really cute pink fleece in the remnant bin that ...