Spring Is Here!!


Spring is finally here! More like summer for us. It’s supposed to be 93 today!!! We completely skipped the beautiful spring weather. I hope this isn’t a sign of what summer is going to be like.



Yes, we have been completely neglecting our blog. Sorry everyone, but it’s baseball season. This year we made the plunge and got season tickets. We are loving it! None of us had ever been to opening day. It was great! We took Bill’s grandfather & mother. We got there early and watched batting practice from Friday’s Front Row while having dinner.



Ty and Sarah have been having fun, too. They love going down and watching batting practice. Last weekend Ty even caught a ball, which he gave to his sister. Couldn’t ask for a nicer brother.


I even scored the best deal at a yard sale yesterday. A whole bin of vintage fabric (most pieces still had tags on them from a fabric store from the 60s) with a bin of bindings, and a bin of zippers for only $17! I can already see a maxi skirt, pencil skirt, tote.


And then there’s Bobby! Bobby the burro. He’s going to be the centerpiece at our church’s high school service tonight, CCV Garage. Bill spent several days last week constructing him. He is a 9 foot tall pinata! A real pinata! I’m glad Bill won’t be there tonight to see them take bats to him. I think he’s grown attached. I’ll have to have Ty take pics.

I’ll try to get better about posting. I know I always say that. Bill will start adding more files soon. I would like to get more embroidery files posted. Give us some ideas of things you would like to see posted. It’s hard for us to come up with ideas for kids since we don’t have Disney and Nick Jr on 24/7 anymore.