Recycle a Pair of Jeans to a Skirt Tutorial


It finally dropped below 90 degrees!  Time to go winter clothes shopping.  Tyler went through his closet and pulled out 4 pairs of jeans he had outgrown.  There’s no way I can hand them down to Sarah without a little bit of creativity…



First press the jeans (remember, they came out of the bottom of the boy’s closet).  Fold the jeans over.  Make sure the waistband lines up.  (I didn’t.  I had to trim them again after I cut it.)  Draw a line across the jeans, just above the curve for the crotch.  If you are brave, you can cut across here.  I wasn’t.  Repeat the line on the other side.  Then cut across the line.



Decide how long you want the skirt to be.  Sarah is in the 6th grade.  No skirt would be too short for her.  So I added a couple of inches to her length.  She’s also pretty small for her age.  So I cut 2 fabric strips 8″ x the width of fabric.



Place the 2 fabric pieces right sides together.  Pin and sew short edges to make a tube.



I went ahead and put the hem in at this point, so I wouldn’t have to deal with so much fabric later.  Sarah likes zig-zags, so that’s what she got.



Set your machine to the highest stitch length.  Sew 2 rows of stitches about a 1/4′ apart all the way around the unfinished edge of the tube.



Pull your bobbin threads to gather your fabric.



Ready, set, pin!  And pin and pin.  Pin the ruffle to the jean skirt bottom with right sides together and matching seams.  Stitch.



Press seam allowance up towards the jeans.



Topstitch close to the edge of the seam.



I decided to add a matching belt.  Cut fabric 4-1/2″ by width of fabric. (Sarah is skinny, so probably at least double the waist size.)  Fold over lengthwise, with right sides together and stitch.



Turn right side out, press and topstitch.  Leave about an inch on each short end.



Cut a fringe on ends.  This will fray more in the wash.




Sarah liked it so much, she wore it tonight.



Sarah and Ninja Duck.