Happy Columbus Day!

We’ve had so many busy days lately! My goal was to post at least once a week, and to try to get a recipe or tutorial in at least once a week. We’ve just had so much going on. This weekend we had planned a fun long weekend in Vegas. How did we not realize we had a swim meet and a cross-country meet! I’m glad I still took today off. It will be a day full of yard work and sewing.


Sarah waiting for her first event. She had a great weekend! She got times in her backstroke and butterfly. Butterfly is her favorite, but she got disqualified in it at her first meet so she didn’t have a time yet. This meet she did a great job with it! In her 50 freestyle she dropped 1/10th of a second. But the best was her 100 freestyle! She shaved off a whole 5 seconds!!!


It’s still so hot here. Highs in the high 90s. I was hot just watching the kids run. There are promises of 80s this week, with maybe even a 79 by Friday!


Tyler ran his best time ever! He has taken 9 minutes off his time since the first meet of the season!



And I have to throw in some pictures of Tyler’s Homecoming Dance.  It’s hard to believe he’s this old already!



And just a little Gator love!!!