Fabric Coasters

Fabric Coasters



I made a set of coasters last year around Halloween.  I never got around to making any more, so we’ve been using that same black bat covered set for a year and a half.  I’m pretty sure I had them out for company at Thanksgiving.  This weekend (when I was trying to keep busy and not eat) I decided it was time for a new set.  These coasters are fast and easy.  They would probably take less than an hour to complete.  (I say probably because I switched the order of some steps and ended up ripping out stitches.  Then I realized I wouldn’t have even had to do that.)

Charm squares would work great for these.  I used some fabric that I got off the remnant rack.  My husband thought they looked like coasters for a strip club.  I like the leopard print.  I think it’s cute and not stripperish at all.

I used Insul-Bright instead of plain batting.  I like the extra protection.  I’ve never had a problem here with the coasters getting too wet, but we don’t live in a humid area.


Cut fabric


1.  Cut your fabric and Insul-Bright into 5″ x 5″ squares. (I made a set of 8, I don’t like to have to look for coasters.)

Quilt Sandwiches


2.  Make quilt sandwiches with each set.  Right sides out.

3.  With 1/2″ seam allowance, sew around all the edges.


Sew X


4.  Sew diagonally from corner to corner, making an X.

5.  Trim batting or Insul-Bright close to seams.


Clip Corners


6.  Clip a square at each corner, making sure you don’t cut the seams.


Clip edges


7.  Clip around edges about every 1/4″.  Be care not to cut your seams.




8.  Wash and dry your coasters.  It usually takes a couple of times the get it to fray well.  My pictures are only after one washing.


Fabric Coaster Set