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My name is Marcia.  I am married and have three children. My oldest boy, Kenny,  is grown up and out on his own.  My two younger ones are Tyler, 13 and Sarah, 10.  I work full-time as an endoscopy nurse.  I wish I could play full-time!

I’m not one of those superwomen.  My husband, Bill,  is retired and he runs the household (I just pretend to, it makes me feel better).  He takes kids to appointments, practices, helps with homework, does the shopping.  He has even been known to go to Joann’s for me.  But I still get to do the fun stuff, like cooking.  Then he does the dishes.  Most of the time, when I get home from work, I go straight to my craft room and work on one of my new obsessions.  Then when I get tired, I plop myself down in my big comfy chair and read until I fall asleep.  And everything else seems to get taken care of.  You just can’t beat that.

I don’t even remember how long I have been sewing.  I used to only sew clothing every now and then. (I just saw some of those early projects.  All I can say is Wow!  Glad I’ve had some more practice.)  After my daughter was born, I started sewing more often.  By more often, I mean all the time.  You name it, she has it, purses, dresses, shoe bags, barrettes.  She has way more things than any little girl should have.

My sewing passion has transformed into a crafting passion.  I love making new things.  There are so many great ideas out on the internet.  I want to make them all!  See where this is going, to a room full of ufos.  I have bins full of them.  And to top that off, I have lists of more projects to start.  It’s really what I should be working on right now.  I have a costume to finish and Halloween is only one week away!

  • Tammy Spurgeon Clifton

    I need a Minnesota Twins svg cutting file can you do that?

    • ThorntonWD

      I will add the Twins logo today. Sorry for the delay but the Holidays kept me pretty busy.