Easy Dog Collar Cover


Easy to make collar cover.  Seriously, this only took about 15 minutes to make!  Boomer’s collar is still totally usable, but worn out & ugly looking.  It just takes some scrap fabric & a couple of measurements.  You can make them for all the holidays!

Cute dog, ugly collar!

1.  Measure collar.  Boomer’s is 19″ x 1″.  I made his cover the exact same length and multiplied the width times 4.  The end product will have to be wider than the collar to be able to slide it over the buckles.

2.  Cut fabric.  Boomer’s is 19″ x 4″.

3.  Press short ends under about 1/2″.

4.  Stitch ends, I used a zig-zag cause it’s cute.

5.  Fold fabric over lengthwise, right sides together.  Stitch close to edges.  Trim with pinking shears.


6.  Turn right side out.  I used a chopstick.  Press.

7.  Slide collar through open ends.

See who’s cute now!  Valentine’s collar cover for Boomer.

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